After friendship comes the bond,
After true love comes betrayal,
After death and forgiveness comes
only one thing...

... Memories of the Bloodihood Bond.

(Founder of The Bloodihood Gang)

A long time ago, three post graduate students (Sean, Michelle & Nichol) formed a friendship bond and bound their hearts as one. They called themselves the "bloodbrother and the bloodsisters". One summer a woman called Cassandra who look like one of the bloodsisters came into their lives and fell in love with the bloodbrother. Their friendship was never the same again until disaster strikes.

Bloodbrother Sean - Doddie Hamsi
Bloodsister Michelle - Minjia
Bloodsister Nichol - Madeline Leona Singam
Amy Henderson - Minjia
Butler Alfred - Mohd Zulkarnain
This is an emotional charged play that was filled with love, drama and tension not just on stage but also at back stage. The spirits of the characters came to life when we staged it in August 2008. It was a stage play that none of us will ever forget...

The script is located in Play Icons at LABELS on your right side. Do read the story in chronological order or else you will lose the dramatic twist in the end!

Best Regards,
Director Rorne Tan


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